Mulitple TV Setup

I have 2 additional TV’s in my house that connect via cable to an outside antenna. After setting up LAVA Omni Pro HD-8008 Outdoor Omni Directional TV Antenna to my main TV how do I connect to my other 2 TV’s

You are going to need to hook up HDMI player devices for your other 2 TV’s.
In my case I have the Tablo in the garage where I have terminated all multimedia cabling.
My distribution panel in the garage terminates RF from my attic antennas, ethernet, phones and a server.
I have 3 TV’s in home, all TV’s are hooked up to the OTA antenna system, one has a Amazon Fire TV, the 2nd a Roku3 via wifi, and the last TV, I’m still deciding what kind of a media streamer I want 2 of.

The connection to the other 2 TV’s are network connections.