Moving from a dual tuner to a 4-tuner

This topic is related to another: Moving from 2 tuner to 4 tuner anything to watch out for?, but a bit different.

Right now, I have a 2-tuner with an external 3TB WD Elements external hard drive attached. The dual tuner has 64GBs of storage on it.

I have two questions:

  • I do not know exactly what data is or is not on the 64GBs of on-board storage on the dual tuner.
    But if there is content there, I want to be able to transfer it over to my external 3TB WD Elements
    external hard drive.

  • I also do not want to lose any of my data on the 3TB storage.

From the related topic, it somewhat appears that a call to Tablo tech support can do this?
I just am trying to confirm this before I open the box of my newly delivered 4-tuner.



I know you can easily move between the OG Tablo 2 tuner and OG Tablo 4 tuner, however it sounds like you are describing a Tablo DUAL 64 GB model, which is different than the OG Tablo models.

What is the exact model number on the bottom of your Tablo?

You might find this helpful:

Isn’t the question about whether or not the 64GB has any recording still on it, which ones they are, and whether these will be lost on a migration.

Base on the link I provided, it seems migration from a Tablo DUAL 64GB is not supported. Thus you will lose all recordings regardless of where they are stored.

I speculate that I can find out what content (if any) is stored on the on-board 64GB storage by doing something simple: I will just remove the external hard drive, and then see what recordings, if any, are stored on the Tablo itself.

But if there are a lot of recordings in those 64GBs, I could have a real problem.
I read the comment from Tablo itself, and is that for real? You actually lose data if you want to upgrade?!
That really seems extremely user unfriendly. A company about managing content like Tablo should not lose content, right? Isn’t this kind of a first principle?

I will get the model number when I get home later tonight or tomorrow. But the DVR is definitely a dual-tuner with 64 GB on-board storage that comes built into the DVR itself.

You might want to contact Tablo Support directly about this, based on the article above you can’t migrate a drive from the Tablo DUAL 64GB. Give them a call directly tomorrow.

I can’t seem to find the article at the moment but I think I remember reading when you add the drive all new recordings go to it but any existing recordings that went to the 64GB internal storage can be played back, just no new recordings can go to it.

Edit: Found it!

Hi theuser86,

that’s what I plan to do.

I will first detach my external 3TB hard drive my dual-tuner Tablo. I can then get an idea as to what content is actually on the dual-tuner’s on-board 64GB storage. I can then be sure I have set up my new 4-tuner tablo.
I want to make sure, at the very least, that I have both the dual-tuner tablo and the 4-tuner connected to my home network. If I don’t have that done, I doubt that Tablo tech support can help me. So I will get that configured over the week-end, and be ready to call Tablo tech early next week.

Of course it is possible that the content (if any) on the dual-tuner’s on-board 64GB storage is not something I care so much about. If so, I won’t pursue moving the data over to my external 3TB hard drive.



Make sure you get your recording schedule set up on the 4 tuner. You don’t want to accidentally add content to the old Tablos internal memory.

I think it would be possible to move the data but it would require a lot of work and some technical skills. I don’t personally have access to the 64G model or I would try it myself. I suspect you could copy over the actual data from the 64GB internal storage to the 3TB external storage. The issue would be the databases. I suspect there are 2 databases. That’s they way I would do it. Keep the internal and external drives completely separate so if one fails the other would still work. It might take a while to merge the two database if that is in fact how they did it.

It would be nice if Tablo created a utility to move everything to the external drive.

You know when you detach the 3TB drives the recordings just won’t disappear right? You’ll see them still listed on the Tablo recordings section but you just won’t be able to play them.

jimtablotv wrote: “It would be nice if Tablo created a utility to move everything to the xternal driver”.

Yep, yep, yep!

Theuser86 wrote that when I detach the external hard drive, the content will still show up
on the DVR.

No I did not know this. But I worried about it. Unfortunately, you have confirmed my fear.

There should be a way to sync the DVR with the actual content available.

That is, one can imagine a scenario where an external hard drive fails.
At this point, the DVR needs to figure out what content is really available.

Hopefully, Tablo has a way to do this. It would be rather strange if there was no way to do this.

Why would it be strange? Which other standalone DVR out there can do this feature? Swap out drives and read different DVR content?

What would happen if you plugged a new USB drive into the Tablo that was blank and it had to be formatted? Will that reset the database?

Unfortunately I think not. Best bet would be to factory reset the Tablo before plugging in a new HDD.