Moving and no Internet for a week

Hi, we’re moving to a new apartment slowly over the month of August. Right now, I’ve got the TV and Tablo moved over, and started setting them up. I’ve got good reception on the TV with the OTA antena, same for the Tablo. I won’t have Internet set up for at least another week. What’s the likelihood that the Tablo will record scheduled recordings for the next few days? The guide was updated prior to the move. Will it still record without Internet? Hard drive is installed, too.

If you are in the same zip code and everything is hooked up to power, then it should still record. It doesn’t need the internet for that. The guide is good for two weeks, so you should be fine.

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Thank you, @snowcat for confirming that.

Don’t forget mate, you can always set up a manual programme if the channels are different.

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Ah, good point, @JohnLuther . Luckily, it’s only a ten mile move and the reception there is so much better. Looking forward to getting back there this weekend to see what’s recorder. My inner nerd will be thrilled if this works on its own.