Movies recording more than once

I see that others have reported this problem. I just noticed it this morning, when I checked my schedule, I noticed a couple of movies were scheduled to record that looked familiar. So I checked my Recordings, and sure enough, they were recorded several days ago. So I manually cancelled the new scheduled recordings… don’t need more than 1 copy of any movie.

How odd!?

Historically speaking, when it re-records something it means that your existing recording had some sort of defect with it, either reception, or otherwise…so it’s going to try to record a new copy for you…so, in general, if I ever come across those situations, I let it record the new one and delete the old one.

Yes, I have experience with this. I did a check of the previous recordings, fast forwarding thru, and did not see any of the characteristic pixelization that is normally associated with this sort of problem.

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Do you have do not record duplicates turned on in the Settings on the Tablo?

Also could just be a guide data problem - Tablo thinks they are two different “things”, not the same so it records both.

Yes, I do. But it should not make any difference… movies are 1 and done. Tablo should not record 2 of them… unless there was a problem with the 1st recording. Movies are not like series, each should stand alone, even if it is a sequel… or prequel.