Movies randomly being selected for recording


I recently noticed that movies are being randomly selected for recording. I didn’t select those movies to record and I live by myself so no one else selected them. Has anyone else seen this behavior?


I have a similar problem… random TV series are being recorded.

I dont really recall seeing this issue come up. Theres not been any response to the first post - if this persist you might consider tablo support.

I saw it happen a couple more times and with TV series as well as movies but then it stopped happening. That’s why I didn’t pursue it any further.

Very odd. I don’t even know how you would troubleshoot this issue. Tech support would have to look at the logs.

Any possibility you are missing recordings also? If you are missing a recording for every extra recording this could be explained by a guide problem. It’s possible you scheduled something based on incorrect guide data.

Nope, nothing missing. Just these additional TV shows & movies popped up as being scheduled for recording. I had to un-schedule them. Everything else was still there.

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Maybe your Tablo has become self-aware and it is suggesting programs it thinks you might like!

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Or maybe it’s self aware and getting content IT WANTS TO WATCH! :rofl:

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Are suggesting a Tablo may have a part in the Robot Up-Rising?
It may be “they” resent cord-cutting, and just want us to know who controls things around us.

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I bow down before our Robot Overlords.


I think there is a possibility that Discobot has been able to infiltrate some units and is doing his own programming.

@discobot quote


:left_speech_bubble: If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.

I suspect that your neighbour has hacked your WiFi AND your antenna :slight_smile:

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