Movie record loop

I have started to notice a problem that seems to be repeating. when i record a movie it records it every time it comes on not just once. I am not sure if this is random but it does not seem to be doing it for every movie I select to record. Is this a problem with just me or a known problem?

Also I have seen many shows and movies start to record half and half and save both with the same name so i think they are duplicates but then look at the lengths of the recordings and they look like they are back to back or the same one. I have not actually tried to play them both to see this but I don’t know what else it would be.?

Finally I have been getting many duplicates and even 3 of the same episodes for some of the kid shows i record for my kids.??

Is this normal behavior for everyone that you just deal with? Is there a way to tell it to stop recording movies.

Do you have the “Don’t record duplicates” box checked in the Settings page?

Yes i do have that checked i didnt have any problems like this the first few weeks.

@akanderson528 - There is a known issue where our guide data provider is flagging shows as both a ‘SHOW’ and an ‘EPISODE’. Tablo uses these flags to decide whether to record something based on the parameters you’ve set.

SHOW recordings usually are one-time airings like specials or the news. EPISODE recordings are for shows that are in a series and may be shown multiple times.

If both flags are present on a show, Tablo errs on the side of recording it because it may be the only time it’s on which can cause duplicates.

We are working with our data provider on this. In the meantime, you can easily delete the extra episodes.

As for the ‘split’ recordings, this could be due to your disk disconnecting. If you’re in the middle of the recording and the disk disconnects, Tablo will reboot in an attempt to bring the disk back online. When it does, Tablo will start your recording again.

If you’d like to have us take a look at your Tablo, just pop us a note: