Moved to area w/o TV Reception - Thoughts?

My Tablo has and is working amazingly well. This post is to ask if anyone has ran into any alternate uses for their Tablo. I have moved and will be remaining in an area that is void of any broadcast TV signal. I plan to keep it a while as there are recorded shows on the drive I would like to keep. Thoughts

Would love to know your location, cuz this tinfoil hat is becoming uncomfortable.

  • paperweight
  • night light
  • probably can keep a cup of coffee/soup warm
  • space heater
  • door stop
  • you could probably hit someone with it, or throw it at someone (offense/defense)
  • pendulum
  • you could occasionally use it to scan for TV signals in your area - just in case.

Agreed. Sometimes when people say they don’t have any broadcast TV, what they really mean is they are now in an area that one of those cute, little toy flat wall antennas won’t pick up a signal – and they don’t want to go through the exercise of putting up a proper outdoor antenna. In many cases, simply coming to grips with the need to stop fooling around with indoor antennas and get a proper outdoor setup is the way to go. In my case, for example, I’m an a very remote area … with very challenging OTA reception possibilities. But biting the bullet and doing a proper outdoor antenna brings back into play ABC, Fox, and CTV from Canada. (No NBC, CBS, or PBS available). But I’ve found that the stations I can get supplemented with some Hulu work out just fine.

Edit: I take it back. This does look more challenging. From the instagram account OP linked on his profile page here, I ball-parked the location and ran the TV Fool results. Yikes … I ran the query assuming a 30 foot antenna. Results look a lot less promising with a lower antenna. It looks like digital NBC is an option. It also looks like analog translators carry your CBS and Fox station. ABC is available via a translator and Univision through another translator. So you’re not without options for OTA television - but the analog options definitely make this a bit more difficult for Tablo purposes (but not for Live TV viewing). Note that per FCC repack rules - those analog translators only have a maximum of 3 years left anyway. They will have to switch over to digital by July 13, 2021 if they are to remain on the year.

Lake Nacimiento California. With the broadcast distance and surrounding mountains, there is nothing to be had at all, not even weak signals. I have tested and confirmed with others in the community. We have cable internet and dish. I’m just doing internet as I stream all my shows.

You could wait until the Oceanic fault zone lets a big one rip. Then your new ocean front property may have better reception.

Just a thought do you have family with OTA Tv. Let them use the tablo then send the recordings to plex for yourself to stream.

Alternatively, or supplementally, use a friend/family member’s antenna connection, provide them a Tablo, pair your device on their network (so you can control)… Use that. Also, another alternative is to use a friend/family member’s Plex with Plex DVR (just don’t use Roku since you can’t record using that frontend yet).

Just throwing out ideas (apart from the “big boys” streaming providers out there).

Someone still needs to access the tablo to schedule recordings. So, why go to all the BS with Plex instead of tablo remote connect.

If you don’t need instantaneous gratification or have the bandwidth/datacap someone could rip a bunch to plex dump them onto a number of microsd cards and mail them to you.

But you may be getting all the needs filled by OTT products - as long as you have the data cap.