Moved no signal?!?

Hi, I was getting all but a couple channels to come in that I need local so I decided to move the antenna. It was attached to my old directv pole which sits on the ground, making the antenna sit about 4’ in the air. After disconnecting it and moving it 20 feet in the air and attaching it to the side of my house, I now cannot get a single channel. I have rebooted unplugged replugged deleted channels re-scanned and I get nothing. “Error: weak signal”. Has anyone had this issue? I’m using a Roku

Review your tvfool report.

Pull out your Boy Scout compass and make sure the antenna is pointing in the correct direction and not skyward.

No trees or mountains in the path.

If your neighbor thinks aliens are reading his mind and he covered his house in tin foil and your antenna is point toward his house, you might have problem.

OTA signal reception can be a real PITA. You would think that elevating the antenna would make it better, but that’s not always the case. Can you hook the antenna (new location) to a TV directly and do a scan for channels to see what you get?

In my case, I had to move my antenna away from the house, as I didn’t get good reception there, even though it was a little higher than my ultimate placement.

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