Move Tablo App to MicroSD Card on Android?


How can I move my Tablo app to a microSD card on my Android phone? Most apps are easily moved natively through the Apps Settings however the Tablo app does not seem to support this option. Currently, the Tablo app is chewing up 128MB+ of my primary storage space and I’d love to free that up. As far as I can tell: the app ITSELF(Tablo, in this case) needs to support this transfer and Tablo does not. Am I incorrect? Please help.

IF it matters… I have an LG Stylo G phone running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) with a 32GB microSD just awaiting more apps, apps, apps!


I had no problem moving it to SD card on my Moto X Pure running Marshmallow.

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Interesting, my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 running Android Marshmallow v6.0.1 doesn’t display the Change button for the Tablo app.
Wonder why you have the option, but I don’t?

Answered my own question.
My SD card was formatted as portable storage, which doesn’t allow apps to be installed.
Gotta reformat it as internal storage.

Yes, mine is formatted as internal storage. That probably is why.

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