Move HDD to another Tablo & keep recordings?

Hi all. Is it possible to move a hard drive from my Tablo to a family member’s Tablo (same model) without losing the recordings I have on it? If yes, the hard drive will remain with the new Tablo moving forward.

Thank you!

I think it’s Tablo specific can’t switch to a different Tablo because of database

Can your family member bring there phone or tablet and hook up to your network initially then try to …Tablo remote connect in from their house to watch your recordings?

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Thank you! You saved me an unnecessary headache. I left the hard drive connected to its Tablo.

Yes, unless it’s a Tablo Dual model:

This is not the same as migrating the data off 1 hard drive to a different hard drive for the same Tablo, which is what @Tom_C was probably thinking about.

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