Mounting Tablo Dual OTA DVR to back of TV on wall?

I purchased a high end Sanus wall mount for flat screen tv to mount on wall with my Sonos Arc soundbar. I would love to mount the Tablo Dual OTA dvr and hard drive to the back of my Samsung TV or Sanus wall mount bracket somehow?

Why? The Tablo doesn’t connect directly to the TV. You’re better off co-locating it with your router.

I don’t have it bookmarked, but there is a post where a user shares how they’ve engineered a wall mount for their tablo. I do believe it was more for a “wire closet” so it may not be as elegant as you’re looking for.

FlyingDiver makes an excellent point, your tablo doesn’t need to be directly next to your TV. If it’s your antenna lead, add some RG6 to relocate it if you really can’t stand looking at it :wink:

Or with your antenna in whatever location gets you the best reception without having to do a super long coax run from the antenna.

That’s vague and ambiguous… would vary on setup.

I come down some 25’ before I split it via amp/distribution splitter for a +50’ run the length of the house. Then then split again inside to a TV and tablo with lengths and have not noticeable nor measurable signal loss. That’s only kind of long run maybe.

Fair point. I’ll attack it from the other perspective. Generally the shorter the cable run can be the better.

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