Moto G phone all good, except no "play" button for live TV


Loaded Tablo android and the player on my daughter’s phone.  Access to the schedule, recorded TV, etc is fine, but on the live TV screen, I can see show info, set recordings, but there is nowhere that I see a play button to actually play live TV.  What am I not getting?



Try just clicking the actual channel number/name in the guide.  

@Corto - Here’s some tips & tricks

The way Tablo handled this is totally logical. It’s just like you do on your TV - you want to watch Scorpion, then you don’t tune your TV to Scorpion the show, you tune it to the station that’s playing that show at that time. So you are in effect saying “set one of Tablo’s tuners to this station so I can watch what’s playing now on that channel.” which just happens to be the show you want to watch. But to record it, you are saying “this TIME slot on this station, configure it to record for me” and it grabs the information about that SHOW, time of start, end, channel and so on and configures it to record using an available tuner. 

Totally logical really. 
Tune to a channel to watch what’s on now, or
configure to record this TIME slot on this station which is a different sequence of events and commands. 

@ShadowsPapa - I think the confusion happens because the behavior is different on this size screen than in the others. You can click to play the show on larger screens but because of size restrictions we had to use the station ID in this case.

It works - especially after someone pointed out the difference when I first got mine.  ;-)

Thanks, all.  The inconsistency between platforms is what threw me.

I am going to post that this was also confusing to me.  My natural instinct is to tap the show name that I’d like to watch.  It’d be nice if it brought up the info screen like it does, then for the “now playing” episode I just tapped, have a play button with the record button.

Now that I know what to do, I can understand the logic there too, but it might be helpful to either have instructional videos or a guided tour in the app itself.  :slight_smile:

It is confusing as there is no play button like you get using the other apps. Nevertheless, once I found out I could watch live by pressing the channel itself - all was good :)

@bwshockley - We’re actually going to work on a ‘how to use Tablo’ video for all of the interfaces. And maybe even a ‘Tablo University’ type webinar for new users. 

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How about just fixing the UI on smaller screens, like smartphones, so that there is a PLAY button on any device we use Tablo with? I came to these forums today to ask about this same problem: a confusing interface.

Obviously, users are being confused by this. One would think you’d redesign the interface to alleviate the frustration. Please fix the design!

Thank you.