Moto e android app

I have a Moto e cell phone with 8gb of memory and a 32gb sdcard. Trying to use the android app for Tablo on this device is next to impossible. Let me explain loading the app the first time it syncs in a couple of minutes. But trying to resync later sends it in to the “forever” sync, it never ends syncing.

By my calculations to download the guide for my 21 channels results in 308 shows, with each show’s icon taking 25K, results in about 8mb of images and we’ll add another 1mb for the live tv guide since it’s text, so we have less than 10mb to download. On I get 28.81Mbsp download and 4.83Mbsp upload. Translating that into Tablo data should be less than two (2) minutes.

The only way to get my cell phone up to date is to unplug the Tablo and try to sync and delete it off the phone and then plug the Tablo back in and rediscover the tablo.
All my other devices, Roku, iPad, iPod, Windows 10 PC & Linux PC have no trouble syncing.

The android app needs some tuning.

Which android os version?

The cell phone has Android 4.4.4