Mostly Impressed...but

I’m shocked captions don’t work. I will be deeply embarassed if my deaf siblings come over before this gets going.
This works soooo much better than my hdhomerun. I love that I can watch my local channels while in my car on a trip BUT, this only works well at a 5+mb upload speed on my home internet. That’s expensive. On the 1 and 2 mb tiers, it stutters a lot. It’s a shame I can’t choose SD quality for remote access.
Would also love to convert recordings for offline viewing on my Ipad.

You may want to check out Tablo Exporter (search the community for instructions - written by @Jestep ) which would allow you to view offline across all platforms.

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Captions do work. Why do you think they don’t?

Also, have you tried 500k or 750k remote access? Those work well for me over a 3G connection.

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Captions with Tablo work much better than they ever did with my old satellite dish, which took several seconds to show on screen after being activated. With the Tablo (at least on the Roku), they appear instantaneously after I unable them.

  1. What is your playback device? Captions do work.

  2. The 1 Mbps for the Remote Streaming Quality also works well on my iPhone 6, I don’t use it often because my internet where the Tablo is located has 10 Mbps upload speed so I can use Full Quality for the “720p Roku / Chromecast” Recording Quality.

  3. What recording quality are you using on the Tablo btw?

Okay, I didn’t think to deliberately use a slower upload rate than my internet subscription. Thanks, will definitely try that.
Captions work? I don’t see an option in Tablo to turn them on/off. I will try and find my tv remote and see if enabling there works and look for Tablo Explorer. Thanks for all the replies!

I believe the CC is a per-device setting; the Tablo itself does not control it. Each device will have its own particular method of turning it on or off, as I understand it.

What is the upload speed for your internet connection where the Tablo is located?

The upload speed is currently 5 mbs, but I was just trying it out and will likely go back to the 1 mb upload speed plan.
For captions, I found if I touch my screen on my phone during playback, I can see an on/off for captions. I mostly watch on my big screen tv via the computer app and can’t find a captions option. Turning captions on with the tv remote didn’t do anything.

What computer app? Are you accessing it through on the Chrome browser?

Yes, Chrome…not an app, sorry.

It should have a CC icon.

Nope, not seeing one. Maybe someone can upload a screenshot of it.

I think Chrome just doesn’t support captions in their embedded video player. Looks like I will have to add a streaming device to get captions unless Tablo can intervene.

Do you have a Roku, Fire TV box, or Nexus Player?

No, and in Windows 10, I couldn’t get Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari for Windows to connect to my Tablo. I tried solutions to run Android apps on my PC. Bluestacks and Youwave both downloaded Tablo, but failed to actually run it.
It still looks like buying a streaming device is my only option to get captions. It seems such a waste given that I have a full computer attached to my tv.

Are you running Windows 10 on your PC attached to your HDTV? This could be your issue as many people on the forums have posted issues with the website and Windows 10. You may have to wait for a fix.

I would say downgrade back to Win 7 or 8.1 if you still can. You have 30 days to do so once you upgrade to Windows 10.

I take this back, sorry. I just tried in the Chrome browser on my Windows 7 computer and no options for CC during playback. It does work on the Roku and iPad, just checked.

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Any particular reason Closed Captions are not supported in the Chrome website?


I can’t seem to find out how to install Tablo Exporter. I have tried Tablo Ripper and now want to try Exporter. I have downloaded and installed Java 1.8 but how now do I get the extracted “jar” files of Exporter to work? Jan