Most popular device for watching Tablo on TV is?

Hey TabloTV, can you share any sort of stats as to the breakdown of what your customers are using to access Tablo for viewing on a regular TV?   I’m guessing its sort of lopsided toward Roku but just curious as to what you think the future holds once new apps are released.

Last time Tablo posted about this, it was the Roku by a landslide.




When we did that survey about 65% of our users had Roku has their primary viewing device for Tablo content.

We’d like to do another survey in a month or two and see how the launch of Amazon Fire TV and Android TV apps affect those numbers. 

I’ve been resisting buying a Roku. I’m kind of an Apple fanboy. I’m having trouble letting go of the AppleTV, but I don’t think I can wait any longer. Now that there’s an official app for Roku that resembles the format on the iPad I think it’s time to make the switch. I’m afraid Apple has made a huge mistake not opening up the App Store to the Apple TV.

AFTV stick and Chromecast as a backup or secondary device for other TVs.

After trying the FireTV stick with the side-loaded app I was so impressed it was so bloody fast and reliable and totally hiccup free I knew that was my ideal combination  =  Tablo and Amazon FireTV. (but the Chromecast does work well, too and is simple to use)

I can’t say it will actually overtake Roku as that’s unlikely, but I bet FTV comes up really fast as fast and simple and reliable as it is, how well it works, the power, etc. - once people see it in action it would be hard to resist (unless you are embedded in Roku and need it for OTHER things of course!)

I have a Roku 3 in the living room and a Roku LT 2700x in the bedroom (when the tv goes, the Roku will get upgraded - got on a good deal around Christmas).  The TV in the bedroom is old (only RF connector - no RCA)