More than one Tablo?

Perhaps this is a stupid question, but I wish to know whether two Tablos can be connected and used at the same time. I currently have a 2 turner unit and wish to add tuners. Thus, the question is can I add another 2 tuner unit so I have four, or do I simply need to purchase a 4-tuner unit? I realize that if there’s more than one I’d need an additional antenna, but I need to know whether the apps (I use Roku with my TVs) will recognize more than one unit.


Hi Bill -

This blog post should answer all of your questions:

There’s been a misrepresentation with number of antennas and devices. I have 3 TVs and 3 tablos but only one antenna.

Have a four tuner Quad and a two tuner Dual Lite, so you can have even more than 4. (actually retired one Dual Lite for the Quad and the second Dual isn’t really used).

The PITA of multiple tablos, you can’t access them simultaneously via the same app. You need to exit/disconnect from one and connect to the other.

It is possible to use container tabs on Firefox and access them both at the same time, or two different browsers.

You do not need an antenna per unit, just an antenna connection. I have multiple distribution amplifiers in play… and just one antenna.

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Thanks to all who responded. I appreciate it very much. I managed to get both a Lite and a Quad connected, both with an inexpensive OTA hanging in a window. These provide good coverage in the Dallas area.


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