More than 2 streams

I would like to have 3 streams running simultaneously - 1 at home, 2 remote - all 3 streams watching same live OTA channel (an NFL game). The 2 remote are kids at school.

Is there a way to make this work? Can I run 2 AirTV DVRs within same house and watch both remote/local?

Thank you

One more requirement. Remote viewing is via SLING AND web browser (Chrome or Safari)

With Tablo you must view using an approved device. And if remote, that approved device has to also support Tablo Connect and must be paired on the local LAN before going remote.

Two remote streams should be possible if the Remote Streaming Quality is set to Full Quality on the remote playback device, and you have a very fast upload speed for your home internet.

What is the upload speed of your internet service? This is different than your download speed.

Upload is 924 Mbps, download is 650 Mbps - so that should be good. Fiber to the house.

Thx! Encouraged to see the quick response

How is your upload faster than your download? That’s a bit usual.

Of course the remote location should have a good download speed too.

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have not bought or done anything special for the upload speed - numbers I sent are what SpeedTest shows - guess I should give credit to my ISP