More than 0ne? please

This may not be a new topic, but couldn’t find an answer. How many ROKU’s can be watched with TABLO? Can I watch the same channel on several at the same time? Can I watch the same recorded program on differant devices?: More then one ROKU, my phone, etc? If watching on several at once, Is down load speed of 6 mbps enough? Thanks

A Whole-Home DVR, Tablo lets you stream live and recorded OTA HDTV content to as many as 6 devices on your local network at the same time.

Question: Is that the maximum when ideal conditions, or maximum supported in all conditions? I can’t say.

Thanks, CJ

I have tested my Tablo with 6 devices concurrently (Tablo wired, most client wireless), and it definitely works. It doesn’t matter what kind of device it is.

You can watch as many different live channels as you have tuners, and recordings don’t use tuners at all.

Your internet speeds have no effect on your home network, so it doesn’t matter if you have 6 mbps or 1 Gbps download speeds. It is only important if you decide to use Tablo Connect for remote access (6 mbps may be too slow for that, though it really depends on your upload speed).