More missed recordings

Crap.  Tablo is missing all my recordings AGAIN tonight.  I’m getting so tired of this.

Appears to be functioning normally, except all recordings from tonight are not recorded.

I have only had it happen just once but I can appreciate it being annoying.     A few general questions 

1. How is your OTA signal?   I don’t really trust the green bars but in the Tablo settings section so do you have any other way to verify signal quality?
2. Do any programs you have tried to record but failed show up under failed recordings?

I rebooted the unit and everything was back to normal.  When it is in such a state, it is also incapable of tuning a live channel.  Seems this falls into the “constant reboots needed” category of discussions.

My OTA signal is VERY strong, ~100% for most channels on my televisions.

I do not believe any of them showed up as failed last night.

@belgiangenius I hate to say this again, because it sounds so ridiculous. But, I put my tablo on its side instead of flat and it did get rid of a lot of the issues I saw similar to what you have had. Can’t hurt to give it a shot :wink:

I’ll give it a shot!

Tonight it appeared to have recorded everything, but all recordings were chopped off about 2 minutes into the program. 


@belgiangenius When you say chopped off - do you mean they’re only 2 minutes long?

What kind of hard drive are you using? Feel free to send me a note on your setup and the issues you’re having.

Correct - they were only two minutes long.  It’s a Seagate Backup Plus SLIM 2TB.  It has been sitting around 95% full with the autodelete function enabled, but it seemed to be a lot of problems once it was that full.