Monitoring Tablo

For the wish list:

An application that would allow the user to remotely see the current status of their Tablo. This status would show:

status of each tuner (info is currently available via the grid display, where in-use tuners flash red)
space status of hard drive
health status of hard drive (if supported by drive and monitored by Tablo)
health status of Tablo (temperature, days and hours since last reboot.)
Most recent channel strength status, with ability to request re-scan of channels for signal quality.
internet connection status (perhaps number of disconnects in previous “X” hour period)
Any cautionary warnings issued by the Tablo (Tuner conflicts, hard drive space issues, flaky net connections, etc)
Ability to select increase in sound level for new recordings or live TV (even if only 2x increase “on” or “off”)

Ability to remotely reset the unit remotely.

Perhaps not every user would need all this information, but many users, especially in this “early adopter” phase of marketing, would feel better knowing the data and functionality is available.

Access could still be controlled via the verification process now used by apps (ie: calling device needs to first establish connection via home wifi, and verification of open IP address is pulled from Tablo Central). This would help prevent hackers from screwing around with Tablo units that don’t belong to them.

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