MOHU AirWave antenna

Tablo Support - any comments on how this may or may not be integrated with a Tablo unit.

This is basically a competitor - I doubt it will be integrated.

Do you know which OTT services will be integrated into the AirWave app?

If the below is true, then it is really no different than what the Tablo does, and it has no DVR function.

"The app, for example, will be available in your Roku channels list alongside the likes of Netflix, HBO GO, etc… Once you actually click into the Mohu TV app, you will then have access to your OTA channels and a few free streaming channels that Mohu in the process of curating.

Want to watch Football, for Free, in your pajamas, on your Tablet, while you lie in bed on Sunday? DONE.

To be clear, AirWave does not integrate third-party streaming services into the guide. Those apps will remain separate and available within your media player’s menu."

If you’re already using Tablo, there would be no need for an Airwave as all this will do is deliver the OTA signals over WiFi which we do already.

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