Mobile device feature suggestion: audio with lock screen

When at the gym I love being able to lock my phone, stick it in my pocket and listen to music or play IPTV channel audio (GSE IPTV on iOS lets me do just that). With the Tablo app however, when you press the “lock screen” button the app shuts off completely. I’d love to be able to stream sound to my mobile device from my Tablo with the screen off.

If you had a product whose purpose was to stream, over the ethernet, either recorded OTA shows or live OTA broadcasts would it make any sense to spend any R&D money on this feature versus any of the other feature requests?

And with one of tablo’s stated objectives being having the same feature set in all the apps, who knows if it’s even feasible in all the apps.

I hear ya, but all we’re talking about is the sound continuing to play after pressing the lock screen button. No additions or changes to the interface. Might be easy for them.

Even if tablo didn’t have to change one line of code I would hope they would test, document, and train support on the feature.

Then they would have to determine if it works on Roku players, Roku TV, Amazon players, Amazon TV’s, etc.And it probably doesn’t save any usage data on the data cap since both video and audio is being transmitted.

I do get their point, It’s not something I’d use, but fundamentally tablo is marketed as an OTA DVR so you got’ta figure simplicity isn’t as much of an issue as a function of the device’s purpose in modifying code. :wink:

The enhanced functionality I’m advocating would only be applicable to iOS and Android and invisible to the user. “Continue playing audio on lock-screen” could be toggled on or off in settings. I adore the way the Tablo interface is uniform and perfectly functional across all platforms!

I can see where this would be a useful feature. There are many TV programs that can be enjoyed without having to ‘watch’ them.

Not necessarily something I would use. But then again, not every Tablo feature is for every Tablo user.

I’m thinking nightly news shows, Sunday morning talking head shows, etc.

I am coming from Spectrum and I love their live TV app. You can shrink the playback screen to picture and picture so you and continue to do other work on your phone.

It will not keep playing if you got to the lock screen but having to keep the Tablo app up full screen it a pain when a text comes in and all you want to do it read it quick and reply.

Also just being able to listen to audio without streaming the video would be very hand to save data.