MLB.TV for FREE for T-Mobile

Today’s the day! T-Mobile Tuesday has free season of MLB.TV. You need to claim it TODAY using your phone. After claimed, watch on any device. If not claimed today, you’ll miss it.

How do you make such a claim?

My mistake…just caim and redeem on or before April 2.

Snagged mine as soon as I woke up this morning. One of the great benefits of being a T Mobile subscriber. I look forward to this every year so I can follow my old home team, the Phillies.

I got mine too. I am in market though and can’t even watch my own team.

Can you use this subscription to watch on the MLB channel on a Roku?


Sign up using LTE ob T-Mobile then watch on any device it is available on.

Yup, I use Roku to watch after signing up on my phone. Interestingly, I signed up with the same email and password as last year, and my Roku was ready to go without having to enter it again Now if MLB would do something about those archaic blackout rules…


If you use a VPN to change your location, do the blackouts still apply? Basically are the blackouts based on gel-location or your billing address?

I was wondering about using a VPN as well… if they don’t geo-lock you to your signup location, I think there’s a good chance it might work, if the VNC server is in the “right” location.