Missing recordings on different Tablo Apps

I have a 4ch Tablo and I have the Tablo apps installed on 2 Amazon Fire TV devices, and 2 Amazon Fire Sticks.

On the 2 Fire Sticks, they show 6 shows recorded.

On the 2 Fire TVs, each show only 5 shows recorded. But, only 4 of these shows are the same on both devices. One Fire TV has a show called Classical Stretch on it, and the other has Intellegence For Life on it. (But the one with the Classical Stretch on it shows a #3 on it’s image while there are actually 4 shows recorded under it.)

The 2 Fire Sticks showing the correct 6 shows recorded has the correct #4 on their Classical Stretch recordings image.

I have tried restarting the Fire TV’s but that doesn’t change the recorded shows displayed.
I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting to the Tablo but the recorded shows still do not change.
At some time on one of the Fire TV’s, I had deleted a recording and the other Fire TV did update correctly removing the deleted show from it’s display.

I just can’t figure out why or how to correct the displays so that both of the Fire TV’s are showing the correct recorded shows from the Tablo.

Well I did have a reply from jOnTblo which asked about the app versions and some questions about the hard drive.

I was looking up the App versions on the devices using the Fire TV’s app settings menu (both the same at 1.18). But there I realized that I could clear the app data and cache. I did that and then reconnecting back to the Tablo app, it then did a full Sync and updated correctly with all 6 shows displayed now.

So I don’t know what was going on, but hope this isn’t a regular occurrence of having to be done.

At least for now, everything is good.