Missing recordings again 2.2.8

This has happened a few times. A while back it was before the update to 2.2.8 but now even on the latest version I am missing this weeks recordings. The guide has the orange triangle as if it’s going to record but afterwards it doesn’t show up in the recordings list.

It works great for a few months then all of the sudden I’m missing recordings. Please help!

Open a Support Ticket with Tablo so they can look at your logs.

I haven’t had any missed recordings on 2.2.8.

I opened a ticket. I turned everything off, (router & Tablo) waited for router to come back up for a long time and then turn Tablo back on. Tonight’s recordings are recording and in the recordings list.

BUT… Why is it that I have to do that, should I make a calendar event to do that once a month or something?

Ok, happened again. I was looking at the guide a few shows about 30 mins out had the orange triangle, but after scheduled time I came back and nothing in the recordings list.

This is getting frustrating. I have noticed my son has rebooted our router and not the Tablo so I thought maybe that was it. So I turned EVERYTHING off again and then back ON, (router first) but still missed the recordings.

When is the next update coming out and would it address such issues?

@CWL We just saw your ticket. Our team is taking a look now - we’ll get this fixed up for you.

So is this a device-specific interim issue? I have the same but only a few shows (i.e.; Grimm) but it happens to be one of those that the wife will declare this to be a failed platform if it misses too many times. But I am away from home at the moment, not sure if I need to be there to deal with issues / reboots before I bother opening a ticket…?

@mohoelx We haven’t found any firmware issues leading to this. It’s usually a side effect of another problem like NTP blocks, drive hangups, etc. Send us a ticket if you’re having a problem though - we’ll take a look at and get it sorted.