Missing reboot information

I noticed problem with finding a connected Tablo. Support says to reboot by pressing reset button. Says data and recordings will not be affected. Doesn’t mention programs being recorded is interrupted.
Some one new to Tablo might think a reboot might be a fix and lose critical part of a program or game!

Good point, should always check for imminent or in-progress recordings before rebooting!

While being more explicit might be helpful, most people would understand rebooting the device doing the recording while it is recording would interrupt the recordings being done by that device.


I agree most would understand but most warning labels are due too someone doing something the majority would not do.

There should be an explanation - reboot shuts down a system and starts it back up, then a user may understand all function would stop during the shut down, kind of like

don’t use hands to stop mower blades

stating obvious stuff?
What does a user understand will happen when a system reboots?

I believe this is one reason there’s on reboot “button” in the UI. In a multi-user environment someone could reboot a system while it’s in use by another. This way you have to intentionally, deliberately reboot the device, so as to avoid accidental issues… but it doesn’t always work.