Missing posters for show/movies etc

Most of the shows and movies have posters with the right images but there are some with blank posters.
Any ideas why?
This is the first time that they wouldn’t finally update.

@Bert It is always possible that a handful of shows may not have ‘official’ cover art and will show as a blue field with white text.

That being said, when you have an active subscription, the majority of show ‘tiles’ should have full cover art.

Do you have an active subscription, or no? When you go to settings, under ‘guide status’ when does it say your guide was last updated?

I did recently get a subscription again.
Besides missing some posters, it’s slow reloading the other ones when scrolling through. You would think once the posters are updated it would be fast.
Does Tablo have to re-download the posters every time you change pages? Let’s say movies to shows and back to movies.

This is on Chrome.

The guide updates every morning and I have manually updated it as well.