Missing one station

I am getting all local channels but one. Using external antenna ( Clearstream 4max) listed as a 70 mile antenna - good reception on the channels showing. have run re-scan three times at different times of day. Station is WALA (Fox) (Mobile, AL) their tower shows as being on high ground between Gulf Breeze, Fl (my location) . (46 miles)
Any suggestions?

You would have to enter your actual info into any number of sites that have OTA signals for your location. Such as antennaweb.org.

But even with a 4max with the add-on VHF antenna and a reflector screen, it seems like a stretch to pick up Hi-VHF at 46 miles.

Thanks for info will check into either adding a signal booster or getting a different antenna .

Check and make sure the tower is in the same direction as the others. If not, you will need to keep both antennas.

The 4max is a good antenna but antennas have a spread in degrees of what signals it can pick up. And anyone trying to pickup a Hi-VHF signal 46 miles away would probably require an amplifier.

And any marketing statement about picking up signals 70 miles away is an antenna mounted 30 feet above the house and an UFH signal. Hi-VHF signals don’t travel as far as UHF and aren’t as strong.

Greetings all,
In my search for the missing channel i found out there was a couple of devices (not in plain sight) in the line leftover from when it was satellite feed line. These devices did not play well with UHF signals. Removed them and inserted Coax Extension adapters for a straight feed through. Added a small indoor booster at the TABLO unit as the run from outside antenna is lengthy. Antenna is mounted 12 feet high fairly clear of trees and shrubs. A new scan brought in 5 uhf channels not available before.
Everything seems to be working now.

Last year I had a case where some less poweful stations were not coming in any more.

The problem was : I permanently have a HDMI cable connected to one of the TV inputs. I connect the other end to my PC when needed .Looking more carefully, I realized that the cable was not lying on the floor in the usual way
In fact it was very close to the path of the antenna cable . Moving it away just a bit solved the problem!