Missing new shows in guide

The guide is supposed to be updated 14 days in advance, correct? It seems like some new shows are showing up, but others are not.

So just as an example MacGuyver and Son of Zorn, on 2 different channels are not showing in the guide under any tab.

I’m not necessarily interested in those 2 specifically, but I had noticed there didn’t seem to be many shows under the New tab.

I am in 77006. This is for the Chrome guide and I have a lifetime sub.

Are you looking at New shows under the Prime Time tab or are you looking for New shows under the TV shows tab?

There does appear to be a bug in the prime time tab, at least for me in central time zone. 7-10 PM should be prime time for my area, but it is only showing 8-11 PM shows.

I see both your shows only under the TV shows tab.

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Thanks! That appears to be it. I had clicked All, but that was still All under the Prime Time main header. They do show up in the TV Shows main header.

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