Missing Guide Data in Toronto

Just took delivery of my new Tablo 4-tuner and am having some issues with guide data.

I think I’ve narrowed it down to an issue with the guide data provider, as several of the US-based channels are missing from the guide listings on zap2it.com as well.  I’ve reported the issue via their feedback link, not sure if you have another way to escalate guide data issues.  

For anyone else having this issue, you can use US zip code 14174 as an alternate which has all of the Buffalo and Toronto-area channels listed properly.

Hopefully this gets fixed by the guide data provider.

@pnear - Send a note to @TabloSupport and we’ll get this issue addressed with our guide provider. 

Sent, thanks for the quick response!

@Pnear Got your ticket, Peter! Just sent you a response to clear a few things up. 

I am having the same problem not picking up the US channels in Montreal now, any ideas?

Yes open a Support Ticket with Tablo to get the guide data for those channels added to your postal code.