Missing guide data for KXXV


I’m in the 78620 (Dripping Springs, TX, USA) marketplace but pick up KXXV out of Waco, TX quite well. Since my wife’s family resides in Waco, she’d very much like to tune into this channel for local news on occasion, particularly when her mother visits.

I don’t know if there are some kind of rules about accessing guide data outside of your market, but it would be improve the WAF of my Tablo if we could get this station data!

@LatencyMachine - There’s no rules for guide data… That channel may just not be associated with the zip code you’re using with your Tablo.

Just place a ticket w/ support and we’ll get that added for you. You may also try to use a nearby zip code to see if you can pick it up.

Thanks for the super-fast response! I’ll submit a ticket.

Regarding the nearby zipcode, could you elaborate more on this trick (or kindly point me to existing post/KB/FAQ)? Is the goal to try alternate ZIPs in an effort to get a ‘sweet spot’ where all your channels get guide data?

I’m trying to access https://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/requests/new right now but you guys seem to be having SSL errors. Chrome tells me:

support.tablotv.com normally uses encryption to protect your information. When Chrome tried to connect to support.tablotv.com this time, the website sent back unusual and incorrect credentials. Either an attacker is trying to pretend to be support.tablotv.com, or a Wi-Fi sign-in screen has interrupted the connection. Your information is still secure because Chrome stopped the connection before any data was exchanged.

You cannot visit support.tablotv.com right now because the website uses HSTS. Network errors and attacks are usually temporary, so this page will probably work later.

It looks like you are pretty close to Austin TX. Maybe try to input an Austin zip code in your tablo settings and do another channel scan. Sometimes using a more populated area helps bring in more guide data.

Replace https with http and it should work.

While waiting for th e guide data, you can use www.titantv.com

An Austin zip code is 78758. I have an indoor antenna and don’t receive it. I am around Rundberg and North Lamar.