Missing channels in canada

Good news!

TabloSupport did a nice job. As they say, you just have to open a support ticket with the informations and in less then 1 week I got all my channels guide without any tricks.

Be fare with new users and try trusting Support services a bit.

got here:

reception: Wow!

Thank you. I opened a ticket and now see both Canadian and USA programs in my guide. Makes recording my favorite shows easier to do when you know what time the show is airing :smile:

I am also in Montreal and open ticket 1 week ago. Prior to that, i was using Champlain usa 12919 to be sure getting all guide data for usa channels+MTL. All was fine since march and recently all guide data stop downloading. Flipping zip from 12919 to a local one in MTL did not fix. Last week , using my MAC adress, they mention a request to 3rd party guide data server which did not resolve my issue. They have logged my box this week with remote access and found an issue again in relation to guide data server. They told me to wait again and escalating issue to this 3rd party provider. They told me that zip code change would not fix my current issue. Hope they finally get this guide data to my box… Trying to be patient.

Bonjour Mario,

Ça peut être tentant de chercher une solution avec un zip code US mais je suis satisfait du service technique de Tablo. Je suis d’accord avec toi de prendre patience et de suivre les instructions du service technique.

Bonne chance!

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Another week without guide data. It has been almost 1 month without the service. They indicate that it is isolated and appears to be an issue with the API/server side of the data itself. I have call support this week and they indicate actively working on issue. They say it is local issue in my region/Montreal. Not sure how many client have this issue in my region and if Tablo is getting support from guide data 3rd party provider for resolution.

@TabloTV @TabloSupport

I had some missing channels but the Tablo team fixed it.

Factory reset si necessaire, rentre un code postal manuel, j’utilise H1N1E3, scan les channels, selectionne ceux que tu veux, attend 2 heures et ca devrait fonctionner

Missing all channels and did try factory reset (lost 1TB of recording on hdd) in the past weeks with different zips 12919 usa (my initial one which work for 2 months) and local MTL zips. I am disconnecting uhf antenna south toward usa and deep only uhf antenna toward mount royal. I will reset and rescan to see. May be server having issue building guide data with so many channels.

@Mario_Pratte We’ve got a ticket open with our guide data provider for you. This particular case is a little different; which appears to be related to the API on our guide data provider’s end. We’re pursuing this with a very high priority.

Thanks @TabloSupport , got a new FW 2.2.11 and it has been working great since for guide data. I am very impress with service and engineering support!!!


@mariopratte Glad to hear it :slight_smile: enjoy!

Tout ca devrait être automatic. Si ma standard tv cheap a les informations des émissions de tous les postes qu elle capte, pourquoi tablo les décode pas? Pourquoi perdre son temps avec le support technique en 2019? Ca fait aucun sens!!!

Si le problème se règle pas tout seul, je vais retourner ce tuner. Tablo est une bonne idée mais franchement pour l’instant c’est loin d’être à point: l’information est dans le signal, decoder la.

merci pepinlebref pour tout ces infos que tu as donnés: le support technique connait le problème mais le partage pas dans ces pages