Minor guide channel name enhancements

The Roku/Tablo is a 1…2… punch to simplicity and my father (who is 69 years old) is not computer savy but even he is able to understand how to use them. There is one small caviat that bothers both him and I. On the channel guide it always shows the stations designation (something like WJST-LK) and then the channel number like 2-1. The designation portion really means nothing to people.

It would be nice if on the Settings section of the Tablo we could replace the designation with a short 10 letters or less description. This way I can replace it with “ABC Wash.” Which would then display on the guide as “ABC Wash. 2-1”. This would then tell my dad that channel 2-1 is ABC from Washington DC and not confuse ABC from Baltimore with it. Since it would be self maintained I could put whatever I want with it and Tablo would not have to maintain it.

@Lothos - This is definitely on the list of things we do want to add to the UI. Many folks have asked for it so you’re not alone.