Migrating from Dual Tuner to Quad, able to keep schedule?

When Migrating from Dual Tuner to Quad, are you able to keep your schedule?  Can I simply plug in the disk from one Tablo to another and I will see the recordings?

No to both.   I had a 2 tuner that had to be replaced with a another unit.  When I plugged in my hard drive, I wasn’t asked to format the drive again, but it didn’t see any of the previous recordings and it didn’t keep any of the schedules.

@snowcat Question based on that. Once my Tablo arrives I will be testing it out for a week. Then I pull cable and just have Internet. I will NOT be disconnecting my HD or even turning off Tablo, just setting up new internet. Will that wipe out my recordings? (to the best of your knowledge that is)

Nope not at all.

@Pix64 Thanks (again)

U bet!

Pix64 is right.   Also, I have unplugged my hard drive, plugged it into my PC, and then plugged it back into the Tablo with no loss of data at all.  The only ways to lose your recordings are to format your drive or use it with a different Tablo (and even then, they should be back if you connect to your old Tablo).