Migrate Hard Drives

Tablo 4 Tuner already has 2 USB ports. How about option for drive migration from port1 to port2 or port2 to port1?

To go further, what about RAID1 to second port to help prevent loss of data when drive crashes?

For devices with single port, accomplish through use of powered hub.

Let used know that Tablo will be unavailable until migrate completes. Then let user choose to keep original drive operating (for archival migrate) or second drive (for migrate upgrade).

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Greta idea. But the newer Tablo devices, the Tablo DUAL and Tablo QUAD (to be released in April) only have 1 USB port. So I doubt they will develop new features for only the OG Tablo units.

Hence mention using powered usb hub.

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Ah I didn’t see that, makes sense.

When I upgraded from a 350 GB drive to a 1 TB drive I just factory reset my Tablo. Partly because I was putting the 1 TB drive in the same external self-powered HDD enclosure that came with a fan to cool the drive.

AFAIK, the Tablo only supports a single hard drive. A powered USB hub won’t make any difference. The Tablo will only use the first hard drive you attach to it.

Even the new Tablos with the internal drive slot say they support the internal drive OR an USB attached drive. I don’t believe they support both at the same time.

I think the OP knows this can’t currently be done, it is a feature request.

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