Microsoft now supports over-the-air TV for Xbox One in U.S. and Canada

This is interesting

I posted this yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:

No one cared and no one responded lol

Sorry didn’t see it then… The forum has become very busy

Interesting concept but the Xbox won’t record and most HDTVs have their own tuner already.

I don’t see the benefit.

Me either

Hmmm - When I think of vendor lock-in nightmares, I’m not sure MS would be a better option than a Cable Co.  But it is validating to see some of the features of Tablo being mimiced.

Glad to see an independent company like Nuvyyo exists.  Hopefully they can stay ahead of the competition.  

It currently allows pause rewind and fast forward but they are going to add full DVR capability in the short future. The issue I have with it is the tuner is a single tuner, there are no 4 tuner options YET.