Mi box tech support and a solution

Somehow my remote stopped working, so I contacted support, which have chat support Monday - Sunday: 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM CST

If your remote stops working and you tried changing batteries, it might have become unpaired. To pair again, hold the back button and home button and you will hear a beep and it will flash on your screen.

Do you like the Mi box? I would have to get an Ethernet dongle for it but I want to try one.

I like it and use it wifi. The usb is only usb 2 so wireless ac is faster

Is there anyway to get Amazon Video on there? Can I side load it or something? That would be the only thing I would miss.

Random (yet related) info: Most sideloaded apps won’t show up on the “app bar” (which is not the best launcher ever invented). You’ll probably want to install this if you sideload many apps.

I think so, i sideloaded another app. Will try.

As promised, trief it. Amazon Video loads perfectly. Unfortunately Amazon will not let video play. So i am voting with PRIME MEMBERSHIP by canceling. Netflix and Hulu both work. IF enough of us leave PRIME, Amazon will see the errors of their ways. I don’ like lack of shipper choice or at least avoid this shipper at all cost even if it means arrives in 2 weeks instead of 2 days. I hate Amazon Logistics.

Thanks for testing it out. Sucks it does not work. I am off Friday. I may still go to Walmart on Friday and see if I can pick one up. Looks like Amazon only wants us watching video on their box. I may have to switch to Google Play for buying my random videos.

It installs and works on Roku and FireTV. I don’t know about the Nvidea Shield, but doubt it since it’s also Android TV and Google and Amazon at at war.

I wonder if they will ever take it away from the Roku people. I am sure that would cause tons of anger.

I sideloaded Newsy. It is verticle instead of horizonal BUT if you use a mouse and doubleclick the link for live tv it works.

Instead of this trouble, note that Newsy is included with PlutoTV.