Meta data "state" stuck forever on "recording"

In general, the meta data “state” for shows is very accurate.  But I now have a show that is permanently stuck in the “recording” state.

    “id”: 188140,
    “meta”: {
        “recEpisode”: {
            “jsonForClient”: {
                “airDate”: “2015-01-30T08:00Z”,
                “description”: “Axl plays a trick on Sue, who is now in high school with him; after learning his son has been allowed to skip gym class, Mike meets with Brick’s new fourth grade teacher (Chord Overstreet).”,
                “episodeNumber”: 3,
                “objectID”: 188140,
                “originalAirDate”: “2011-09-28”,
                “relationships”: {
                    “recChannel”: 26697,
                    “recSeason”: 63477,
                    “recSeries”: 63476
                “scheduleDuration”: 1800.0,
                “seasonNumber”: 3,
                “title”: “Hecking Order”,
                “type”: “recEpisode”,
                “user”: {
                    “position”: 0.0,
                    “protected”: false,
                    “type”: “recordingUserInfo”,
                    “watched”: false
                “video”: {
                    “duration”: 0.0,
                    “height”: 720,
                    “scheduleOffsetEnd”: 0.0,
                    “scheduleOffsetStart”: -15.0,
                    “size”: 1024,
                    “state”: “recording”,
                    “width”: 1280

Of course, I’d love to somehow be able to clear the state on that show.  But I’m even more concerned that Tablo might use that setting.

Anyway, just something I noticed.  For now, I think I’ll pull and save the show and delete the show off the Tablo.

I was recording an episode of Scorpion when I had some Tablo troubles - it kept restarting. During the recording. I notice now that when I use your script or other means it states “recording” .

This is the show that was after the playoffs - that special Sunday so of course I MISSED the first half of it but the latter part was plagued with issues, too. Here’s what it still says about the show to this day - 

TV Series/Program 14669
  The High Chaparral - s04e10 - Fiesta
TV Series/Program 17528
  Gunsmoke - s15e12 - Jake MacGraw
TV Series/Program 16468
  RECORDING/BUSY Scorpion - s01e14 - Charades
TV Series/Program 16472
  RECORDING/BUSY Scorpion - s01e14 - Charades
TV Series/Program 14177

Version 0.7 (when ready) has an option -B/–busyignore that will let you download things stuck in a state other than “finished”.  Then (well… if you’re like me)… you can delete the program off the Tablo.  In my case, the show seemed to be “ok”… just had a bad state.