Mesh Network question

I know mesh network is not optimal, but given my situation I don’t have much choice.

I would much rather connect via Ethernet but here’s my issue. I use mesh network, which on WiFi allows me to view via app, but frequently plays hopscotch on the network so requires frequent rebooting. When hardwired it doesn’t allow me to connect via network. That being said the architecture of my network is mesh ->router ->4 port switch at the TV because I have 4 devices that I have hardwired. I am assuming it is something because of the middleman router handing off to the switch, but haven’t figured it out. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

I’m not quite following your architecture. Usually the mesh network also contains a unit that acts as a router, so the architecture would be something like modem ->router (mesh unit) ->4 port switch.

In my case it is cable modem → router (Google WiFi unit that acts as a router) → 5 port switch and one of the ports on that 5 port switch is Ethernet to a 7 port switch in my TV stand.

I’m confused by your architecture having the mesh unit before the router and no mention of a modem. Could you provide more specifics as to what mesh units you use?

Sorry, mine is also Google. So I have Ethernet to router then split out to TV and a 4 port switch. I only have one Ethernet cable going to TV so have to use it to split again for TV devices. Sorry, that is my fault.

I’m still a bit confused. When you say you have “Ethernet to router”, do you mean from your cable/DSL modem to your Google WiFi?

Also, if you have a Google WiFi there are only two Ethernet ports on it. One would be used to for the WAN connection (your cable/DSL modem) so are you saying that the other port goes from the Google WiFi to the 4 port switch?

Yes it goes from modem to nest. The one available port I have cable going to router that splits it and then down line to switch. Sorry, I was ignoring modem and going straight from nest hub. Does that make sense?