Merge Manual Recording With System (automatic) Recording

My wife is a huge fan of The Good Wife however, this show broadcasts on CBS on Sunday evenings after a whole day of Football.  Most shows get pushed back because of this.  Just this past Sunday the guide showed it pushed back from 8:00pmCST to 8:30pmCST and the Tablo updated the automatic recording time because this is what was in the guide data.  But, the show did not actually air until 9:04pmCST.  I was able to delete the system recording and set it up manually but now, I have the season premiere of the wife’s favorite show separate from all the others with no season listing, description etc.  Is there a way to correct this and merge the two? Please help she allowed me to purchase the Tablo so I feel like we owe her. :slight_smile:  Thanks love the product.

I don’t see any way that would be possible.  It would be the same as merging a Simpsons recording with the Family Guy series (can’t wait for the crossover next week!)

The Tablo folks may have a suggestion, but what I would do is get everything recorded this season the best you can, which probably means a lot more manual recordings (give the titles good descriptions).   Then when reruns start up, set the show up to “record all”, and the reruns will have the correct show with all the info you need.

@Artemus - Sorry, there isn’t currently a way to merge or add metadata to manual shows :(