Masters stymied on Saturday


Tried to watch Masters today, “error, weak signal” both on recording and live TV. Has happened before but always short lived. This time seems permanent. Disconnected the antenna and hooked directly to the TV, channel 2 CBS worked. I’m 3 miles unobstructed from TV towers. That is the only channel not working. Rebooted erverything, TV, Tablo, router. Thanks for any help.


I know you said it worked on your TV when hooked directly to it, but could this possibly be the CBS channel was part of the FCC repack in your area and you need to do a re-scan on your Tablo?


3 miles, unobstructed might have you so close that you’re overdriving the tuners. And without knowing all the technicals, the dynamic range for the Tablo tuners might be different from the dynamic range of your TV (the ability of the tuner to withstand a signal that’s too strong).


I re-scaned and now channel now channel 2 doesn’t show at all.


Very odd behaviour. If you connect directly to the HDTV, is the channel still working? Sometimes broadcast towers do go down.


did come in when connected directly to TV. Could it have something to do channels 2 or 4 used for cable access? I don’t have cable.