Mass deletion of recordings

Is there a way to delete multiple recordings ?  I’ve got 67 recordings of a TV show that I’d like to delete without having to click on each recording and delete.

Thanks !

Right now there isn’t, but other users have requested that as well.

It’s on the list guys but we know it’s a pain point so it’s being placed in higher priority. 

Was just wishing for that feature as well last night, have high hopes for Tablo, the market is there for the taking.

Hey Tablo,

So it’s been one year since I’ve asked when we can do mass deletions. Any idea yet ?



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The Tablo server can do mass deletion. It is just now them adding it to the multiple UIs.

Coming very soon!


Yes please. I’ve been away for a while and returning now find I’m spending a great deal of time deleting multiple unwatched programs.