Marked watch not working and also not keeping track of where left off

Hey Tablo,

So I moved my Tablo from Wifi to ethernet connection. Now all of a sudden, the “Marked Watched” doesn’t take effect. Neither does the Tablo device seem to keep track of where I left off. It’s stuck @ 04:49 even though I’ve watched the whole show and even tried to mark it watched.

It did use to work just perfectly.



Reboot your router, wait 2 min, reboot the Tablo, wait 2 min, then reboot your playback device. Try again.

Whah device are you using for playback anyway?

Thanks theuser86. Yeah, I finally reboooted EVERYTHING and let it settle down overnight. In addition I cleared cache on my chrome browser and “re-scanned” for my tablo. This morning everything seems to be working but my HDD is now empty and I had to re-enter my recording schedule.