Manually kick off firmware update?

is there a way to manuly kick off the update of the firmware? I have checked the webapp and updated the ios app but still do not see a way to tell it to update.


There can be a bit of a delay (up to a few hours) before your Tablo is notified about brand new firmware updates.

If you want to update right now, try tapping the blue reset button on the back of the Tablo and it will check for updates when it starts back up!

@steve that didnt bringup any option to update the tablo

@crichardso mine just popped up (but I am recording a show so I have to wait a few minutes). It just takes a bit.

@crichardso After my restart I had to kill the iPad app and bring it back up and then there was a nice big screen saying it needed to update

Don’t make the mistake of long pressing the reset like I did…  It works, but then you can’t access whatever was on your hard drive.