Manual recordings - how will they work?

I know one of the key features still missing from the Tablo is being able to set up a manual recording (program by channel/date/time).   Without this feature, users have to have a subscription to record shows.  

How will this work?
1. I assume that a user can select a channel, start time and end time.  I hope then it can be set up as a 1 time event, daily event, or weekly event.
2. Will the user be able to assign a name/description to the recordings?  How will it differentiate between episodes (like putting the recording date in the description)?
3. Will the user be able to set up recordings on all platforms?  I could see difficulty doing it on the Roku.
4. Will subscribed users be able to use this feature?
4. Do we have an ETA yet on when this be available?

itll be interesting to see

Hey snowcat,

We typically don't pre-announce our features, but we can make an exception for manual recordings. This feature is being worked on right now, and will be part of our next release!

The way they'll work will feel famaliar to the way TV Shows / Movies / Sports work:

1) Yes, to all.
2) You can name the "program" when you set it up, but not the individual recordings — they are assigned a name based on the date & time of the recording.
3) For now you'll be able to set them up from our iPad, Web, and Android apps. You'll still be able to watch the recordings from the Roku.
4) Of course!
5) "Soon" ;)

Thanks for the info!  It sounds like what I was expecting this feature to do.

Recording daily - Monday to Friday, as a lot of programs are not on weekends, or option to include weekend or not. Weekly is the same day and time each week.