Manual recording

i cant find a show on the guide. is there a way to search it? or manual set a time and channel? im looking to record shark tank on friday nights at 9pm on cbs.

@breandsi - Manual recordings is coming very soon but please place a ticket to let us know about incorrect guide data so we can get it fixed.

@TabloTV regarding recording, one feature that I’d love is to be able to limit a recording to a particular time frame.  I’ll explain, I want to record news, but only the 6 pm version, not the same name version at 10pm, and only on Saturday and Sunday of each week.  

The reason is if I ask the system to record every “Le téléjournal”, I’ll get every of them, which are at 12pm, 6pm and 10pm.

Where do I submit?

You can send an email directly to or you can submit a ticket request at the top right corner of our knowledge base