Manual Recording: Title field is blank when you try to add Live TV show to schedule

I was hoping that 2.2.2 would have resolved this issue. I believe this has been present in the 2 most recent releases.

  • If you are looking at Live TV with the “free” guide, and you click on a show to add it to the schedule, all fields are populated except the Title of the show. (i.e., the “Schedule Manual Recording” form)
  • This used to work fine in earlier releases. The workaround is to type the title manually.
  • I have seen this on two different Tablo’s in two different markets.

Has anyone seen this? (I couldn’t find mention of this in the forum)

@tablotester - Which client are you seeing this on?

@TabloTV: FireTV (box) and PC/browser (Opera)

This is one of the reasons I like the iPad app over the latest iPhone app. On iPad it still populates the title, but not on the lates iPhone app.

EDIT: UPDATED with feedback from other users as indicated

Thanks @huff3566!

@TabloTV: Just confirming that I had a friend check it via iPad as well and it does populate the title properly on iPad.

So, auto-populating the title:

  • FireTV (box): Does not work
  • PC/browser (Opera): Does not work
  • PC/browser (Chrome): Does not work (per @AceConrad)
  • iPhone: Does not work (per @huff3566)
  • Android tablet does not work (per @AceConrad)
  • iPad: Does work

I’m also missing the Title field when scheduling a manual recording (no Guide subscription) with the following:

Android tablet
Chrome browser on a PC.

Tablo firmware is 2.2.2

Thanks @AceConrad, this is very helpful.

I have updated my post about to include your feedback.

@TabloTV, please kindly take note.

BTW, @AceConrad, how are you doing this on a Roku??

How do you schedule a Tablo recording on the Roku without a subscription? Even on the Tablo Preview channel I don’t see a method to do this.

You’re right, it’s not possible lol! Must have got a little carried away. I’ve edited my post above.

We’ve got a fix for this and it will be pushed in our next update of the web client.

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@TabloTV, thank you for the update.

I am looking forward to this one.

@TabloTV, this appears to be fixed (at least in Opera); confirming what was stated in the latest release notes.

HTML Application version: 1.0.23-597

Thank you

Edit: Tagging @huff3566 and @AceConrad in case they want to provide feedback regarding the platforms they originally reported about.

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It’s now working properly on my PC with Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers as well as on my Android tablet.


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