Manual recording not working if start time less than 1 hour in chrome


When trying to schedule a manual recording, the interface does not allow me to specify a start time less than 1 hour from now.

For exemple, if it is 8:55 am, the Tablo Manual scheduling interface does not allow me to specify a start time earlier than 9:55 am.

This problem occurs when using the web application in:

  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox.

But i don’t have the problem when iusing the Windows 10 Tablo App.

Are others experiencing the same problem ?

Thank you

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Same problem with Android app. Tablo is unworkable for me.

I tried it out in Chrome on my Win10 PC. Yes, that happened to me, and it appears to be a bug.

There is a workaround. You can set up a repeating recording instead, and any start time can be assigned.

Thanks for confirming the problem,

I find it surprising that a product that has been on the market for a few years now would have a bug as basic as this one. Recording shows is one of the core functionnality of this product, whether it is a manual recording or not…

I will try to remember the workarounds for next time.


What I think has happened is that in trying to fix the bugs in this other thread, the programmers created a new bug.

I no longer see the issues from the other thread anymore, so something was changed.

The fix might have created a new bug, might also be due to the time zones - daylight vs standard time.

Agreed. However, you must consider how small of a population of users actual uses manual recordings.

Most people have a Tablo subscription and don’t use it.

I also have the same issue for the last week or maybe longer. I’ll try to use the repeat recording to see if that can be used as a work around. But it’d be nice if it went back to working.

Same manual recording issue – Win and Android. What does that link state in a nutshell? Is Tablo actively working on the fix? That link shows as private for me.

This is my first community post…so why not add a little more commentary.

I paid the monthly fee for almost 2 years, and decided to cancel about a week ago. For the most part, I’ve been a promoter and lover of the Tablo name and product up to this point. After cancelling, I’m shocked how stupid they’ve made the device without a subscription. Manual recordings don’t even work correctly for Windows or Android. This may be a bug, but come on - really? This is like the most basic functionality for a DVR…To record something you’re watching currently, or something you want to watch in the future!

Being two years into Tablo, it’s my perception Tablo is most focused on those iOS lovers - which is not me. I’ve been pretty tolerable this last couple years with a new company trying to build and innovate. It takes time! However, even with subscription, every issue I’ve ran into seems to be isolated to just Android or Windows with Tablo. There’s a pattern forming.

Thankfully, the world will continue to innovate. If Tablo doesn’t figure it out soon, I’m sure there will be at least a couple other solid options out there that are right for me. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already looking. I hope to see a resolution to this.

Sorry, I pasted the link twice in a row, screwing it up. It is fixed now.

Basically, there was a bug with the date/time programming. That bug is gone now, but the fix is likely causing this new issue.

The Tablo folks haven’t acknowledged it yet, so I would recommend putting in a support ticket to be sure.

Hey folks, we managed to reproduce this and we’ve got it included in our next upcoming release. Details on timing to come soon.


when will the fix for this bug be released?

This bug was fixed, see thread below:

No, i just tried, The bug is still there!

The fix you are referring to is for Android.

The bug Still occurs under Windows 10 with:

  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer

Yeah my wife and I couldn’t record the Oscars because of this bug. The Repeating work around doesn’t work either. We were using Windows 10 .

The Tablo is decent but still too buggy to pay $5/mo for guide info, so we use manual recordings.

I can confirm that the bug is there for Win10 with individual recordings, but I can still use repeating to get around it. I just selected every day of the week, and I was able to create a recording for any time.

My mistake, the Android app is based off the web app so I assumed if it was fixed in the Android app, it would be for the website.

Hey folks - A fix for this issue will be coming in the next web update along with a host of other bug fixes, stability and performance updates.

It will be going into beta shortly and we’ll let you know when it’s live.