Manual Recording - March Madness is upon us!

Tonight Mdame Secretary had an 8:35 PM start time due to some of the NCAA a Basketball games. The guide had it scheduled in the regular time slot of 8 to 9 PM so I thought about setting up a manual recording to be able to capture the full episode.
I followed the procedures in the manual and saw the title with the purple indicator “1” in the corner to designate only recording one time.
I did not however see any indication of the recording actually taking place and when the time had passed I did not see anything under RECORDINGS.
I then set up a TEST recording just to see if it would work. The same thing happened, nothing was recorded as I could tell.
Each time Scheduled appeared and the REC indicator was Orange.

I really would appreciate any advice or direction as I am not sure what the problem is.
Thanks so much.
Best Regards,