Manual Recording Fail

The Good Wife on Channel 2-1 was delayed last night (as usual) by 15 minutes.  I scheduled the manual recording and waited until it started.  Deleted the system recording (which had started and was displayed under the correct artwork and metadata) and double checked the manual recording and saw that it had started.  FF to this morning.  Check the recordings and it is gone.  Not shown anywhere.  The manual recording I set last week is displayed and accessible however, the manual recording from last night is not.  Please advise.  

Which app are you using to look at the recordings?  I have noticed that for the iPad app and the web app, the Tablo first connects and then syncs before you can see the recordings from the night before.   So try it again and see if you see your recordings now.

Thanks for the response Snow!  Hmm.  Just re synced as a matter of fact.  Lets take a look…still not showing under manual recordings but the one from last week is.  Will power cycle unit and see what that does. 

It was worth a shot.  

I had a problem a few months ago where one show would not record, while all my others did.  It went on for three weeks (it was just once a week show) before I finally power cycled my Tablo.  After that, I haven’t lost any recording to Tablo failure (one of my stations did go off the air for a few days, but it was the station’s fault).

just getting back in!  cant power cycle now wife watching the Voice.  Will power cycle in AM and report back.  Thanks for listening.  They should hire u for tech support.  

I think our next t-shirt will have the tagline, “As usual, Snowcat is correct”.